Travel John

It is a plastic bag that allows users (men, women and children) pee wherever and whenever. This bag contains a powder upon contact with urine becomes gel, preventing fluid spillage and peel off odors. The portable urinal can be used to fill its maximum capacity.    


They are approximately estimated 3 applications.


Note 1: Polybag filing, has a built intelligent closure for closing the bag, if required.


Note 2: The portable urinal can also be used to vomit.

- Original design including bag (powder-gel) inside bag (bag packaging).

- Non-toxic, odorless and leakproof. In the event, it becomes gel after absorption of liquid, so it is leakproof.

- No need closed after use.

- Safe disposal of waste, simply throw the bag when full.

- Small and lightweight.

- Reusable until it is full.

- LIQSORB® super absorbent polymer pouch included.

- Volume indicator pointed in the bag.

- Made of plastic, with a space collar unisex use, to facilitate use in both sexes.

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Travel John! Jr. 1 pack

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Ref: 66815-AVE

Travel John! Jr. 3 pack

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Travel John! 3 pack

(3 pack)

Ref: 66918B-EU3

Travel John! Jr. 5 pack

(5 pack

Ref: 66829-CT

Travel John! 

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