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Schumpy Global Care

Is a multinational company related with global care products located in Florida, USA. It is the main responsibly company of the worldwide global care business. We guide, supervise and audit all the operations of the subsidiaries and distributors around the world and report directly to our main global management center Schumpy Corp. 


Schumpy Global Care´s mission is to satisfy the people’s cleaning and beauty unimaginable aspirations, using our home made corporate working method in order to reach the highest structure and effectiveness management level that allow the Corp to develop productively business for shareholders, employees, suppliers, and also satisfying the new era’s customers and consumer needs.


Latam: Now we are hiring distributors and direct developers in Latam to share the growing together!


 To be “The Angel Falls” of the global care business!



Our philosophy is based in the mixture of thoughts, passion and actions to make transcendence products and business for the society, environment and also for all of us.


1.- Planific_action = to plan + to execute.

2.- Feeling emotions = To live… To positive vibe!

3.- Global thinking = borderless.

4.- 99% perspiration 1% inspiration = working harder… Even more than our neighbour.

5.- More than a business = not is just to make a business, we want to help to build a better world.

6.- Vission = positive trascendence.

7.- Schumpy method = home made method.

8.- Wellness = happy and integrity life.

9.- Ecoschumpy = respect and work for the environment.

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